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We pride ourselves on using clean, fresh, organic, wild, grass-fed, & local ingredients. We take extreme caution when cooking and labeling our menu to ensure safety of allergens & dietary restrictions.

1- Our kitchen maintains a 100% gluten-free environment.

2- All our house-made items are free from seed oils. 

3- We exclusively use extra virgin Greek olive oil for cooking.

4- Our dressings and sauces primarily feature extra-virgin Greek olive oil,
except for aioli, which is made with cold-pressed avocado oil. 

5- Please be aware that the pre-made gluten-free wraps and gluten-free bread from the brand Toufayan may contain seed oil and soy. For a cleaner eating option, we recommend choosing collard greens or our house-made Paleo cauliflower bun. 

6- Our entire menu is refined sugar free.