About Us

Eat to Live ⇧

As New Yorkers, we know how difficult life-balance is, especially how we fuel our bodies. Healthy is often not sustainable and bland in taste. Locanut is healthy redefined. We have an uncompromising commitment to quality, healthy, convenient, and delicious meals. We ensure you get real results and enjoy every bite. Let us do all the work for you – just click and eat! 

 The Vision

Locanut is a healthy food and lifestyle service that helps you achieve and sustain Optimal Health and Body. Every menu item is carefully crafted, ingredients thoughtfully selected, and every detail of the process meticulously designed for the New Yorker lifestyle. We have an emphasis on local and sustainable to minimize our carbon footprint and we only use eco-friendly and non-toxic packaging.

Real Food

Build Your Seasonal Meal

Organic, Local, Paleo-Compliant Meals

Eco-Friendly Packaging, On-the-Go Friendly

Nutritionally Balanced

Real Results

Achieve and Sustain Weight Loss

Improve Health

More Focus and Energy

Boost Performance


Real Service

Delivered – Where and When You Want

Health + Quality + Convenience

Catered & Group Orders

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Our Philosophy

Food is much more than calories in and out. What you eat sends millions of molecules of information to your cells. Every bite effects how you feel. Cutting edge science in health and wellness is showing us that poor diet is the number one cause of so many different ailments it’s becoming hard to keep track. Switching to a diet of REAL, WHOLE foods is the most important change you can make to improve nearly every aspect of your life. From health and happiness, to focus and performance. But let’s face it, most of us are extremely busy. Who can blame us for being tempted by convenient and enticing unhealthy options. That’s where we come in. You never have to sacrifice taste, health or convenience. Locanut is healthy redefined – for an extraordinary food experience every-time.
We don’t believe that healthy food should be restrictive or bland. Instead, it should be incredibly satiating and delicious. It should compliment your life, not take over it. Nutrition is the foundation of health. The foods that we thrive on are the ones we have been eating for the longest period of time. That’s why we choose only foods that are Paleo compliant – which mimics the way Paleolithic man ate and now upgraded for modern man.

Simply put whole, clean, real food made in nature, not in a lab.

Our History

The Nutritionist

Bella Palterovich

Founder, Nutritionist

Bella holds a Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science and is certified as a Holistic Health Coach from the School of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Her deep passion for helping others optimize health, body, and overall wellness through Nutrition was ignited almost a decade ago. She learned first hand how truly powerful the right foods are from her experience in healing herself of a digestive disease, to peak body-mind performance. She now shares her mission with the launch of Locanut, a NYC complete meal delivery start-up, that is dedicated to helping others optimize health, body, and well-being on a larger scale.